Two Left Feet And Other Myths

Two Left Feet And Other Myths

Everyone has misconceptions about ballroom dance before they step foot in a studio. While all of those misconceptions are valid, most of them can be laid to rest. Without further ado, here are seven myths about ballroom dancing I’d like to address.

Rhythm: Either You Have It Or You Don’t

  • The beautiful thing about this myth? Not only is rhythm a measure of experience moving to music, it’s also a skill you can learn. So, the more time you commit to learning it, the better you’ll look!

I’m A Good Dancer If I Have A Good Lead

  • While this is fairly true to a point, a leader can make the same statement about a good follow. That’s because the partnership will be heightened if one of the dancers has a moderate to high level of experience. But what if both dancers have a higher level of experience? Can you imagine how much more fluid and dynamic that partnership would be? Pretty awesome, right? But in order for that to happen, you have to work at it. The more you work on your own dancing, the more you’ll get from your experience no matter the abilities of your partner.

Start Young / At My Age?

  • Before I started in this industry, I assumed all ballroom dancers were young and sexy 20- to 30-somethings who started when they were three. Quite the daunting visual. The reality? Whether they’re 22 or 74 years old, 99 percent of the people you see in ballroom studios had little or no previous experience. So I’ll let you in on a secret: no matter your age, now is the perfect time to start. I have a student who started at the age of 88 and is still dancing up a storm. So give yourself something fun to do, have an excuse to get some exercise, and be the talk of the town.

What Kind Of Teacher?

  • Think back to a favorite teacher or coach. They made sure you understood the concepts, took into account your learning style, and even spent extra time getting to know you, right? That’s exactly what’s in store for you here at Arthur Murray. No matter your skill level, background, age, etc., your teacher will spend time getting to know you and teaching you in a way that’s most beneficial to you.

Ballroom Is Only For Couples

  • While it may take two to tango, ballroom dancing is for individuals and couples alike. If you come in on your own, you’ll be paired with a teacher of the opposite sex, allowing you to learn and practice simultaneously. With couples, your teacher will work to ensure that your experience together is as fun and seamless as possible.

Two Left Feet / I’m Too Clumsy For Dance

  • Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I heard this one… The thought of being unteachable. This is one of the big ones. While I understand how daunting it is to start something new, the Arthur Murray system of learning is simple and easy, guaranteeing confidence and success on the very first lesson. I repeat: success is guaranteed. Even if you claim to have three left feet, genuinely believe there’s no hope for you, or crashed and burned trying to learn somewhere else, give yourself a guaranteed win and try ballroom dancing. Your future self will thank you.

I’m Too Busy – #Life

  • If there were 30 hours in the day, I’d still feel like my day was too short. Can you relate? The reality is we all manage to carve chunks out of our schedules to make time for the things that are important to us. And that’s why your studio will do the same for you. With flexible hours throughout the week, ballroom dance can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

An introductory lesson is the no-thank you bite of dancing. Worst case scenario? You’ll try something new that a lot of people want to feel more confident doing while walking away feeling more comfortable on the dance floor. Best case scenario? You’ll find a new activity that’s fun, mentally stimulating, and makes you feel good. So try it out, take the plunge, and see for yourself what ballroom dance can do for you. I promise you will leave with no regrets.

Written by: Jeff Ghramm /// Supervisor at Arthur Murray Dance School of Federal Way
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