Need a Brain Boost? Try Dancing!

Need a Brain Boost? Try Dancing!

‘Dancing With The Stars’ may be the closest you get to a ballroom any given week, but you’ve probably noticed how beneficial the art of dancing can be on a physical level. A lesser known fact? Dancing is also good for your brain.

Based on two different studies, ballroom dancing is found to stimulate the brain much like crossword puzzles, while boosting cognitive test results, and improving coordination. As an added perk, dancing also gives you the same social benefits found among friends. And the more your brain is stimulated in these ways, the lower your risk of developing dementia (diseases tied to loss of mental function such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s).

So the next time your friends ask you to come along to their next group lesson or party, do your brain a favor: say yes!

For more information on the studies mentioned, click on the links below:


Written by: Ross, Communications Consultant for Arthur Murray Federal Way
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